GoStory player allowing publishers to rotate their own content in the most popular Story format on the website.

Feature top
content to

Web Stories are visually great looking and eye-catching.Created to engage with visitors and show top-content.

Customize it the way you want.

Customize your player just the way you want it to fit your current website layout.


Change your GoStory Player Name and Logo anytime in the in-site dashboard.


Automatic parsing from website link or Create Story with your custom Image and TItle.

In-site Admin Dashboard

Login inside Player and Add, Edit, Delete Stories inside your own website!


Earn with None-disruptive Video and Banner Ads between stories and engage in the same time!


Customize Player Size, Font or Colour to match your website vibe!

Improve user

Publish the most appealing content to improve user engagement of your visitors and return rate.


Increase in return rate


Higher user engagement


Increase in time spend

Easy managment.

Monetize with Ads.

Improved monetization algorithm delivering up to 10 times better results than traditional advertising placements.

New revenue stream

Non-disruptive advertising

Premium advertisers

Intelligent advertising algorithms

Create stories you want to tell, and the way you want to tell them.